Product Review – L’Oreal Infallible SCULPT


Hi Luvs, so I decided what better way to start of my blog then with a product review?

So let’s get straight into this, After much resistance I finally caved and purchased the much raved about new contouring range by L’Oréal, Now I have to admit I do have mixed feelings about the set.

I have to give it to L’Oréal never have I seen a brand take the art of contouring as serious as they have, they have really pushed the boat out with their dedication to the art. One of my favourite products in the range has to be the Foundation or as they have called it ‘Contouring Base’ now they do say that the coverage is Light, however I would argue that it is definitely a medium coverage that is very buildable depending on the occasion.

Moving on to the actual contouring pallet, while I love the consistency of the contour and I feel that it is perfect for both beginners and those who are some what pros in the contouring game. I’m not so much a fan of the highlighter, I personally feel that it could have offered a little bit more of a glow. I felt as though after using it I looked a little bit washed out.

Finally  I would like to talk about the ‘Trio Contouring Blush’ I personally didn’t have any problems with this product, I felt that the lighter shade was a perfect highlight for the cheekbones and looked amazing in photos, as for the other two sections of the Trio I had no complaints. I would love to see L’Oréal bring out a Matt version of the blush.

if anyone is interested in giving the products a try Superdrug does have a deal on at the moments where you can get all three of the products mentioned above for just £15 #Bargain

I hope you guys liked my first post, if you have any feedback or suggestion on future post’s then please do let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Nia xox

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