Am I good enough for this Blogging thing?



Hi Huns,

Happy hump day! I hope that everyone is having an amazing week so far…

I have gone back and forth with myself for days about whether or not I wanted to share this post… so if you are reading this right now then I have taken the plunge lol!! It’s going to be a chatty post, so grab a drink and some snacks.

I want to talk about getting over the fear of not being good enough… Whether it be good enough to have a blog, YouTube, Anything and everything that you might doubt yourself with. I’m going to be focusing this post on my struggles with whether or not I have what it takes to run a successful blog, and hopefully, you guys can relate this advice or my experience to any other similar situations that you may have been in.

Firstly let me start by saying I am in no way shape or form the best when it comes to makeup… At all I mean if I really try, I can create a little something but it honestly isn’t Amazing, However I still love makeup, I think that is where allot of conflict came into play for me, because I love writing and I love the idea of being able to write about products, but I just didn’t feel like I was in a position to talk about something that I am not amazing at right?

Wrong – Who says? If you love writing, if you love the idea of creating content and you feel like you have something to say and you want a platform for people to listen, then go for it! You have nothing to lose.

So that was the first bridge crossed, after years of going back and forth in my head about whether or not I wanted to go for this, I finally took the plunge and went for it.

Que the overwhelming fear of self-promotion, and I get it… you have just written an amazing piece about a product you love, and for some reason, you still don’t feel like it is good enough for everyone to see… you don’t feel like anyone will support you?

I am just going to go for it and say – So the hell what? if you are proud and you are happy with creating content then what have you got to lose? so what if someone doesn’t like or appreciate it? so what if you promote it and only two people have viewed and liked it? that’s two people in this world who have read your work, and appreciated your opinion, and that is more people then if you didn’t promote it at all right?

I think what I am trying to say is this, you might not be the best at makeup, but that doesn’t mean you loose of the right to call yourself a beauty blogger, and you might have a fashion sense slightly different to the one that everyone following these days, But if it is something you love you one million percent should be proud to call yourself a Fashion blogger. Who the heck has the right to tell you because you have only started your fitness journey you shouldn’t be blogging about it? Do what makes you happy!!

In closing, never put yourself down or take away from your passion. You are the best at what YOU do!

I hope you guys enjoy the post!! As always if you have any feedback I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚

Until next time…

Hugs and Kisses

Nia πŸ™‚




11 thoughts on “Am I good enough for this Blogging thing?

  1. This is an amazing post! I definitely remember feeling like this when I first started blogging.. it has become much better as time progressed. This is such a helpful post, especially for someone who might have just started blogging!

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  2. I love this post! I actually had a similar one about being discouraged as a blogger here: I felt the same way as you, I sometimes feel like I don’t have the good makeup skills to be a beauty blogger. A lot of times I felt like I was too ugly to be a beauty blogger and that’s why I was struggling more compared to the more conventionally beautiful types! It sucks when you work so hard on a blog post and hardly anyone reads it. But then some of my most read posts are the ones I least expected. So yes we must keep blogging for our love for it regardless of how many people read it or not! Thank you for this piece of encouragement!


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