How To Make It To The Second Date…

How to make it to the second date 2

Hi My Huns,

I’m Back! And with ‘Cuffing Season’ Among us, I thought what better post to put up then the don’ts what to do on a first date to ensure you make it to a second date… Assuming you are feeling the person you are on a date with. So let’s just jump straight into this.

Leave the ex at home –  There is nothing more unappealing then when you start comparing your new boos habits to that of your ex. No one wants to be compared to someone else and they certainly don’t want to be compared on a date. So LEAVE IT AT HOME. Honestly, if you still feel compelled to speak about your ex, and can’t make it a few hours without bringing he or her into the conversation. Then maybe you need to question if you are ready to be dating at all. 

Put the crystal ball away – So the date is going well? Amazing, but don’t get ahead of yourself now, no need to be speaking about Babies, or marriage just yet. You’re basically still strangers, and imagine how freaked out you would be if the tables where turned. Keep any fantasies you have about becoming MR or MRS  in your head… Save it for the 3rd date AT LEAST. 

Don’t Let your big head sink your ship – In my opinion and experience, there is nothing more unattractive than when someone honestly believes they are gods gift and feels the need to vocalise this at every opportunity. Let the other person figure out how amazing you are for themselves. Someone needs to see and appreciate your worth on there own, it is not something that can be forced on someone.

Learn the other person – Take this opportunity to learn what you can about the other person you are on a date with. Show them that you are interested in their life, and let the conversation flow. You have every right to keep something private at this point, but don’t be too closed off that can easily be translated as hostility. 

But more importantly, be yourself that should be more than enough, and make sure you like that other person. Yes, they need to be feeling you but the feeling needs to be reciprocated.

I hope you guys like the post, I love these posts so I hope you guys enjoy them too.

Until next time- Hugs and kisses

Nia xox


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