Let Me Explain…


Let me explain blog post

Hi Huns…

Soo it has been a MINUTE, but I promise I have good reasons. Firstly I have had a change in career and honestly it has taken me a minute to get settled into that, and secondly, I have just started studying for my degree. I think in all honesty I have just been really struggling to get on top of everything, but I think I have it figured out now.

While it has been horrible not being able to post, I can honestly say that I think some time away from the blogging world has given me some perspective and I feel really excited about being able to get back into the swing of things…

Previously I had overwhelmed myself with feeling as though I had to get as much content up during the week as possible and honestly that really started to make blogging feel like a 9-5 and not something that I enjoyed very much.

So all I want to say now my Huns is that if you liked the content before then stay tuned because I have some really exciting things coming up, that I can’t wait to share. And if you are not already following then please hit the follow button to be notified of when I post any new content.


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