The Perfect you … Self-love talk

The Perfect You

When are we programmed to hate ourselves, Who trains us to idolize an airbrushed photo, and who teaches us that we have to fit those standards shown in magazines to be perfect?

What an empowering thought to think that ‘I am perfect exactly as I am’ not feeling like you have to wait until tomorrow to be beautiful, Stop chasing that perfect you so desperately and missing out on some of the best moments, especially when there is nothing wrong with who you are today. You are perfect right now.

I want to be the one to say there is nothing more harmful then hating ourselves, especially when there are so many people in this world ready to do it for us. Why not flip the script and take a moment to love ourselves, Love all of the things that you view as imperfect, The curves, The Stretch marks, The cellulite, because there is beauty in everything you are.

I think it is time as a society to stop putting so much pressure on the physical body, what about the personality, our soul, our values? Stop for a minute and make a list of all your amazing qualities, everything that you have to offer the world.

Are you done? the chances are you don’t believe a word you have written, so queue phase 2, Read it every single day until you believe it until you understand that it is the truth. and when you do I bet that all of those tiny little imperfections won’t feel that bad, in fact, they won’t matter at all.

I can’t lie and say that this process is easy in any way, because it is hard, and it takes motivation, and there will be days where you don’t feel amazing, but that is life, and you should still love yourself even on those days.

So stay strong, Stay motivated, and enjoy this journey to self-love.


Hugs and good vibes,

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