Planning for success


If you have just gotten into the blogging game, Take note, I wish someone would have told me this…

So let’s be honest, I think it was shown in my previous pattern of posting but I was honestly so unorganised in just life in general and it had a knock-on effect with the content that I was creating. I was inconsistent and my social media was not reflecting what I had going on with my blog, in general, it was just a little all over the place. Who would have thought that all I needed this whole time was a notebook and a planner?

I don’t know about anyone else but when I first got into blogging and I was searching high and low for advice all anyone really spoke about was; “self-hosting” “Affiliate Programmes” “Collaboration”, but in all reality its the back work that you need to put in that is going to make all of that happen. You can add all the adverts in the world, but if you aren’t building enough traffic on your posts is that really going to make a difference?

Just based off of experience, I have come to realise that consistency is the best way to grow your following. I also understand that if you haven’t found yourself in the position to make blogging your full-time job then finding the time to, Write a post, edit the photos, and then promote the post can be a little bit of a struggle.

**Que the lifesaver that is a planner** 

If that little list triggered some anxiety for you, not to worry I felt the exact same way. but you need to get your ass in check, take yourself down to the closest WH. Smiths you can find, and purchase the following; PLANNER AND NOTEBOOK.

Now that you have that in place you need to break everything down so that the whole process isn’t so overwhelming and it more enjoyable.

  1. How many time a week do you feel you can commit to getting a post up? be kind to yourself remember the posts are not going to write themselves. Once you have decided, you know the next part right? Yep! schedule them into that new planner.
  2. Chances are you work a 9-5 (If you don’t I envy you) and you have decided that Wednesday night is going to be the night for posting. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it all for Wednesday you are going to get overwhelmed, and this blogging thing just won’t seem like fun anymore.  Let me break everything into smaller parts

In case I have  lost you this is a break down of bullet point 2! (Stay with me)

  • I personally like to bulk write, and I tend to do this on a day that I  am off and relax, so you have decided that you are going to aim to post 3x a week. perfect! Draft those posts on for example a sunday
  • Get your pictures ready, I would suggest doing this with the bulk writing, but I get it if you have an attention span like me then this probably wont go to plan, so what I would say maybe give your self another day to devote to this, Saturday morning can be a good one.
  • Depending on what works best for you, you can write all your posts out on the night, and do that very daunting task of hitting publish there and then, or you can include this part with your bulk writing and schedule what day and time you post will go live.

And back to my main points, Are you still with me here?

3. Promotion, I will save the depth of how to promote your blogs for a different post, but I will say what good is a blog post if no one is going to see it, you have to self-promote guys, Get your content out. please note you can never promote too much, and I suggest scheduling in AT LEAST  30 minutes a day to get your content out there.

I think that wraps thing up for this Post, Hopefully, more to come like this if you liked this post please also check out another post where I talk about finding the confidence to blog.

Am I good enough for this Blogging thing?

As always, Hugs and good vibes

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12 thoughts on “Planning for success

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m a new blogger and this totally gave me a boost. One, I’m not the only one who has struggled in the beginning to get views and traffic. And two, I need to get organized ASAP.

    Great post!


    Liked by 2 people

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