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What if someone told you that you could manifest absolutely anything you want into your life by using the law of attraction, would you believe them? The fact that you have even stumbled across this post tells me that you do. and I am guessing that you would just like to find out how. Well, it’s your lucky day hun bun because I’m about to tell you.

If however, you have stumbled across my blog by accident (and I can tell you right now I am deeply insulted if this is an accident) but if you are intrigued and would like to know more then check out my last post on the law of attraction Law of Attraction – Just a little Intro

So let’s dive into this, The law of attraction basically works with vibrational energy, so whatever energy you are putting out is the energy that you will be attracted back to you. and I have to say the secret says this best. “The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer” and so I repeat, this is because we attract into our lives what we put energy into, If you concentrate on the fact that you have NO money the universe will hear that and just give you more lack, Whereas if we focus on the money that we do have even if it is just a little then… well you already know.

When working with the law of attraction it is very important that we change our thought pattern, you need to become more positive and focus on being grateful for what you do have. One of the most common practices for people who live by the law of attraction is having a gratitude list.

See the law of attraction requires for us to be in a good happy vibration, often times by creating a gratitude list it helps us to remember all of the little amazing things that happen to us or that we have. This gives us a sense of already having, and with this vibration, we can only generate more of.

Another really amazing way of putting ourselves in the correct state of mind is to visualize, now this is my favourite. Just take 10 minutes out of your day to really think about what it is that you want for life; what house, what job, what kind of relationships, what friends. Now when you are visualising it’s very important that you connect to what you are feeling… get excited because this is your reality the universe has heard you and trust me your dream life is on it’s way to you. and this huns is you manifesting.

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Until next time, hugs and good vibes.

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2 thoughts on “Manifest Your Dream Reality

  1. I believe in this 100% of course it’s hard to always think positively. We have train our minds to focus on the good. One way I do this is by what I allow in my brain; music, social media, the ppl I’m around. Thank you for sharing. Great read!!

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