But First… Highlight Heaven



Hey Huns!!  

So it’s that time again summer is back, and I don’t know about anyone else but I love to have an extra glow on a daily during the summer, Now If you are anything like me it will pain you to run out of that expensive highlighter that you invested in.  

So I am about to put you on to an amazing highlighter, that is so inexpensive it just doesn’t make sense.  if you don’t believe me just look at the swatch I did. 

I would just like to point out that this is with just one swipe of a brush (I’m not the best with swatches so excuse my very poor attempt)   

The highlighters that I am showing you here are by a brand in the UK known as MUA, it is a super cheap brand and trust me I understand that sometimes it can be a little daunting purchasing makeup that so cheap because you don’t really want to go home and it be just awful quality, because lets be real… you made this purchase for a reason… to be able to use it. but I will keep it real with you Ladies and gents because that’s just what we do on this blog.  THIS HIGHLIGHTER IS THE EXCEPTION.

I had to type in caps there because I feel like you guys need to really understand where i am coming from, Each lighter is £3.00 (Bargain I know) and can be purchased from most Superdrug stores.

If you are are feeling the shades that I have swatched, the one with the more golden tone is ‘Radiant Cashmere‘ and the slightly more Pink one is ‘Pink Shimmer‘. If you click on the name it will take you straight to the superdrug website, just in case you are more of an online shopper like myself. They do of course have a lot more to the range, these are just the ones that I picked up.

I hope you guys liked this post, thought I would get back to my Beauty blogging routs with this one because you guys know I couldn’t let you miss out on such a popping beauty find.

Hugs and good vibes.

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