Girl Chat – Why Are You Still Single…



Anyone else got that really annoying family member that only seems to know the same five words “Why are you still single?” yeah well snap. To make it worse if you are anything like me you probably stumble on your words and say something basic like “I just haven’t found the one yet”

Why don’t we get real for a minute yet, are we even ready for ‘the one’ Because here is the thing just isn’t as easy as it used to be, everyone is playing a different position these days, And Aunt Sally who has been married to Uncle Jack for 30 years just isn’t going to understand that, So rather then providing her with what you think Is the socially acceptable answer why don’t we have a look at the following.

Do you even know what you are looking for? I mean you probably think you do, but I promise you if you are reading this then you don’t. Let me just say if your list of the attributes that the perfect partner will have consists of; 6ft1 and tatted up, you might want to rethink your outlook on life, because they probably are not the one, and if things like that are so important to you I can assure you, you just aren’t ready for a relationship.

How much do you actually love your self? See the truth is (and I had to learn this the hard way) ultimately we give other people permission to treat us badly when we treat ourselves that way. And that isn’t correct but how do we expect other people to love our “Imperfections” when we don’t know how to love them ourselves.

Here Is a little something I live by, and I’m not sure if I made this up or if I heard it from someone else but, I take copyright if I did lol.

Our relationship with ourselves sets the tone for our relationship with others.

In your mind what should your relationship be? Often times we enter a relationship with blurred expectations, and we then tend to settle for things that we don’t necessarily deserve. But when we don’t make it clear what we will stand for, how can the other person be clear. Don’t get yourself caught up in a situationship when you are looking for a marriage. 

So next time someone feels like they need to ask you about your personal life, don’t feel like you need to hide the truth, there is no shame in just not being ready…

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, Personally, I love these chit chat posts.


The Perfect you … Self-love talk

Until next time, Hugs and good vibes,

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