L’real – Lip Paint



Yes Another product review, well I say review but really I am just telling you everything I like, but you guys already know when I find a good product I have to share it.

Now in the past, I have had a real love hate relationship with Matte lipsticks just because they can be really drying and it honestly just makes me feel really uncomfortable, Now slight disclaimer while these lipsticks claim to be ‘Matte’ I honestly wouldn’t describe them as that I have to say I do think they are more of a shiny vibe. So let me explain, while they are really pigmented and for the most part they are matte, they still have a little bit of a sheen to them, and to be honest I do believe that this is what stops them from being really drying, I personally love that but I do think this is probably subject to preference.

**Que my awful attempt and swatching**



Hollywood Beige – Is definitely my go to on a daily, it’s a very subtle pink and is very effortless, I personally love wearing this to work, overall just a really pretty colour.

Nude of Fleek Love this colour for a dinner date or just cocktails with the girls. now I know that it says Nude but for me, it definitely has a little bit more of a peachy undertone. (That could defo just be my complexion) depending on how comfortable you are you could wear this during the day for work, it isn’t too much for a day look.

Apocalypse Red – This is my favourite, for some reason I can’t find a red that suits me, but let me just tell you this red is everything! so if you are struggling to find that perfect red I would defo say give this a go. it may be the one. While it isn’t that perfect bright red, it does have a plum tone to it, I would still highly recommend.

These lipsticks retail for £6.99 and which honestly is not a lot for matte lipsticks is not expensive at all, I purchased all mine from Superdrug. And have linked all of the shades I have spoken about under the name.

As for the packaging it is really cute, and kind of reminds me of the paint tubes you would get in school, but I guess that’s the point right, so props to L’oreal for the creativity. as for the applicator, in my opinion, it is perfect so no complaints there.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed my attempt at being a beauty blogger.

Until next time Hugs and good vibes.



One thought on “L’real – Lip Paint

  1. Great blog. The packaging is really cute. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!


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