Writing With A Purpose



Hey Huns,

Back again with another blog Advice post, I may not have a Hundred thousand followers, but I am very very grateful for the blog followers that I do have, and I will say I know exactly what I like when reading blog posts.

Soo For allot of people I think the main question when starting a blog is “what does it take to create a successful blog?” And yes it’s true it does need to be aesthetically pleasing, and the pictures are VERY important but it is also extremely important that you have some good quality posts to read. So I am going to throw out some tips that I would have for any Bloggers.

Enjoy what you write – It is so important that you are writing about something that you are passionate about because when you are talking on something you aren’t interested in, it is painfully obvious and that takes away from the quality of the post.

Write how you speak – ok so this could just be me but I love when I feel like I have a connection with the writer. I think that this is best achieved when they write how they speak, it brings a lot of personality to the post. Now I am going to sound absolutely insane but I like to talk to myself as I write, and I find that by doing that I end up writing in a way that is engaging and relatable.

Keep up with current topics – Within your niche obviously, don’t force yourself to talk about anything that you don’t feel is relevant to your blog, because you probably won’t have enough information on the subject but also your lack of interest will be shown in your post, but for example, if you are a beauty blogger talk about the latest products, Fashion talk about the latest trends, If you talk about life topics, ask your reader what they would like advice on.

I hope this helped you guys a little, until next time…

Hugs and Kisses

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