How I handle my Anxiety and Depression



Hi my luvs,

I have to say it has taken me a while to get the confidence to get this post out. Over the last year or so it has become a lot more common for people to come out and speak about their anxiety and depression, and I love the fact that slowly it’s something a lot of people are feeling more confident to say, because it’s not this big taboo that you should feel ashamed of… it’s just a fact of life and something so many people are battling.

Soo just a little background of my story, I have had anxiety since around the age of eight, most of my anxiety was based around health, Slowly my anxiety started to fade, but then came the depression. Depression hit me most when I got into secondary school. I think towards the middle of secondary school was when my depression and anxiety was at its worst, to the point where I was struggling to leave the house. Over the years I have become a pro at managing my mental health, and I have developed certain ways to get my self out of that mindset. I’m not saying this is a cure because honestly and this isn’t going to be what you want to hear, but it will never actually go and you will have days where it takes over but it is just about knowing what you need to do to get out of it.

I have put together some of my go-to ways when it comes to getting my self out of a funk. So if you are interested then just keep reading.

Reflect on the positive – often times when we are feeling down we tend to get in our heads about all the things that we THINK is wrong with our lives, we struggle to see any of the positive, something that I find really helpful is sitting down and writing all of the things I am grateful for. yes, a little bit of law of attraction but trust me it really does help.

Look after yourself – it’s easy to ‘let go of yourself’ when you are feeling down, so get up put a facemask on, light some candles, listen to music, get your nails done, do your hair. Take time to really love and look after yourself. Because when you actually feel your best on the outside that translates to how you feel about yourself.

Spend time with people – I get it, you want to lock yourself in your room, don’t want to talk to anyone, but isolating yourself just makes it worse, trust me I know. you need to get yourself out there, spend time with people that help you to forget what you are feeling and brings the best out of you.

Social Media Detox – something I like to do every so often is just delete all social media from your phone and really have a break. live in the moment and really appreciate what you have going on in your life, rather than being caught up in what someone else has going on because then you start focusing on all of your lack rather than all of the amazing things you have happening.

I really hope you guys liked this post, keep your head up and keep moving forward, you owe it to yourself to live your best life.


Hugs and kissed – shy






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