Letting Go In Order To Receive …


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Hi Huns,

Back again with another Law of Attraction post, because I have finally figured something out that hasn’t really made sense until recently, I knew what it was but I just couldn’t really grasp how it was going the help.

The art of detachment, it is honestly a complicated one because the law of attraction tells us that we should put all of our attention and energy into the things that we want, but then at the same time, it tells us that we need to detach from those ideas. and I get it finally so let me try and help you guys understand it yourselves.

When we say detach… that doesn’t mean let it go completely and forget it, but don’t be caught up in the feeling on wanting and not having it. When we think about our dream/ideal life we look at In a sense of “Want” translating to the universe that we don’t actually have it, corresponding in a sense of lack, when the universe picks up on that frequency we stay in a consistent zone of lack. You know that saying the rich get richer and the poor just get poorer? yeah… isit hitting you now?

When we talk about detaching from what we  want, it simply means to let go of trying to have control and trust that eventually it will come to you because you deserve it. When you make a plan on how you are going to reach this end “goal” try NOT to think of it as the follow, “I am doing all of this so that I can get to this goal” essentially what you are doing is keeping yourself in the motion of chasing. What I like to do is think of it in this way, “I am preparing for my dream home, because it is on it’s way” (Just an example). Have confidence in what you have asked for, Trust that you are worthy of it.

Have you ever wondered why couples try for a baby for years, they are actively going out of there way to make this happen and it just seems like a lost cause? or why when you are searching for a relationship it just doesn’t happen? That’s because when we are in the mindset we let of a vibe that acts like a repellant to the things that we are trying to attract. in essence you are not acting as if, you are stuck then the phase of want, and unfortunately wanting is not the same as receiving.

I finally got this when I was waiting for a text from someone, and I was soo concerned and worried about receiving that text, I ended up focusing all of my energy on it, and guess what… it never happened. untill I unknowingly detached from the idea, and of course right on que that text came through.

So I am  going to leave this post with a small challenge to you guys, I challenge you to let go of something small that you have been trying to manifest for a while. Tell yourself “I deserve this or something better, and I let it go to the universe”. Watch it happen for you.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

                 Hugs and squeezes






5 thoughts on “Letting Go In Order To Receive …

  1. Wow! I love the way you explained it. Since I am working on my mindset in this area, I have begun to learn just what you talk about; that I need to set that vision, plan the goals, work the plan, and not obsess over how it’s going to happen. I need to trust that if I do the work, it will come. Thanks for re-enforcing what I still need to internalize.

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    1. Hi my luv, I am so happy that I managed to put it in perspective for you… You need to let go of your limiting beliefs. if you should take anything away from the law of attraction it should be that we deserve what we BELIEVE we deserve. Whatever it is that it making you doubt that, let it go… the only thing that counts is who you are right now and who you plan to be tomorrow x

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