Social Media Detox…

Hi Huns,

I Hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas so far and that everyone is enjoying the holiday season… I wanted to come back and really discuss my break from social media, my reasoning behind it and why I feel that everyone should have a social media detox at some point… So without too much rambling let’s just jump right into this.

Firstly if you are a long time supporter of my blog I want to apologise for my disappearing, I really wanted to keep my self consistent this year however life took over and so I had to step away from my blog and social media altogether. I think in this generation it is very easy to get caught up in that social media life and feeling like you need to post all the time in order to not feel left out, We often forget that real life is happening, and while social media is important for many, so are the things that are happening around you.

On My Break from social media on of the main things that I noticed was how much power it actually had over me and my mental well being, the problem was that a lot of the time social media such as Instagram can build up a false perspective of what life should be, we follow these influencers and we see their perfectly edited photos and feel like we should look like that, or we convince ourselves that we have to have all of the trending products in order to reach our idea of “perfect”, it can get depressing and draining constantly living in a state of comparison. I don’t think that the problem is the influencers in any way shape or form, nor do I think the problem lies with the social media platforms… Hell, I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for them, I think the problem is when we get so sucked into the vortex of scrolling and comparing we forget that no one’s life or reality is or should be the same as the next.

Now that’s just the comparison for our self, take a second to consider how much pressure you put on important people in your life to reach those same expectations that you are idolising. Relationships fail so much faster in this generation because we subconsciously base our relationship “Goals” on a picture that just managed to catch the good part of that couples day, and lets just be honest for a second, no one actually posts themselves mid-argument “Quick babe I know you are absolutely fuming but hold that face I just need to snap a selfie” it just doesn’t happen. And then when we are done dragging our relationship through the dirt we turn to the latest trend of not actually discussing with anyone what the issue is, we simply post a cryptic and passive aggressive quote somewhat explaining what the problem is.

Do you get what I’m getting to here? so now we are pulling our selves apart, we have forgotten the importance of actually communicating and subsequently we are ruining our relationships. So now let’s look at what happens when certain events such as Christmas or your birthday is considered an epic fail all because it wasn’t Instagram worthy. Take a second to process that, Imagine not enjoying these important moments with family and friends because of social media.

In conclusion I think it is clear that social media has taken the world by storm, and it might not always be for the best, I have learnt that it doesn’t kill you to take a step back, look and everything from a different perspective, and of course when you come back you can always approach social media with a different attitude. Because the truth is it is meant to be fun, Going on Instagram shouldn’t be the cause of anxiety, it shouldn’t make you question how relevant your achievements are.

With that being said I hope everyone understands the importance of a social media detox every now and then because your mind is just as important as your next selfie.

Until next time –

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