Top 3 Crystals – Raise The Vibrations

Hi Huns, I hope everyone is having an amazing start to the 2019!

I really wanted to kick this year off talking about one of my absolute favourite topics ever, CRYSTALS! I have had an obsession with Crystals since I was in school, at first it was just for the aesthetic of them an obsession based purely off of the way that they look. as the years went on I decided to do some research on them and their different uses.

Crystals have played a huge part in my spiritual journey, one of the reason being is that there is real beauty in the fact that these are raw material produced by our Earth, they are like flowers that never die, and not to mention no Crystal is the same, all unique, Some will call out to your more than others and that’s the beauty of growing your collection.

Before we get on to some Crystals that I think everyone should have in their collection. let’s have a look at some of the scientific facts behind crystals. Just like everything else on earth crystals have an energy force, and many people who practice Crystal healing believe that different crystals can be used to give energy to different aspects of your life. But whether you believe in the power of these crystals, or you just like the way they look, imma give you three crystals you need to add to your collection. So let’s get into it.

Self Love – Rose Quarts

Rose Quartz is one of the most well-known crystals and simple one, beautiful and feminine, while most crave external love, Rose Quartz is said to promote the importance of self-love before anything else. Hold and Rose Quarts when going over your daily self-love affirmations to enhance the vibration, keep them present when trying to remove any limiting beliefs.

Setting goals – Lapis Lazuli

The Crystal form making things “real”, if you’re familiar with the law of attraction, then you will know that thoughts become things, but in order to make that happen you need to make sure you are vibrating at your highest frequency, Lapis lazuli is perfect for just that.

Radiating Beauty – Rhodochrosite

Everyone knows that when you feel good mentally and you have a healthy outlook on life, you start to radiate that on the outside. Rhodochrosite is said to be a crystal that helps with this radiation, it has a very feminine feel to it, it is recommended that you keep this crystal under your pillow, by your bedside or where ever it is that you get ready every day. You can also find facials, where they use a roller rather than hands, and the roller its self is made of Rhodochrosite.


So there you have it whether you believe in crystals and their different uses, you can’t deny that they make really pretty room decor, I have never used Crystals for healing, however, I do feel that they have a real calming effect, and something about having them around is extremely soothing. If you are starting out on a spiritual journey and are trying to figure out if crystals are for you, or if you are just looking for some cute home decor, I suggest everyone start there Crystal collection with these beauties.

Until next time Huns!
Hugs and Kisses –

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