The Glow Team…

Hi Huns.

Back with another product review! and as you guys know product reviews are never at the top of my list when it comes to things to speak about, So when I do you know that I really do love the products I am speaking about.

One brand that I have been obsessed with since last year is makeup revolution, and when I say Obsessed I mean at one point I was wearing a full face of only their products, I’ve toned it down a little now, but I honestly jump at the chance to use them.

Everyone loves a nice glowy finish, and if you can achieve that with minimum products then why would you not. Two products from makeup revolution that I love at the moment are the ’revolution conceal and define full coverage foundation’ partnered with their ’Liquid highlighted in liquid champagne’.

Let me just start by saying that when they say the foundation is full coverage they did not come to play! It really is, and little goes a LONG way, and when to are finished it doesn’t look too much, you know like you have 40 layers of foundation on.

When it comes to the liquid highlighter to can either use it on top of the foundation like a normal highlighter or what I love to do is to mix it in with the foundation just to give me an all-over glow.

I am honest soo excited to use these two together during the summer, I think that it is going to look absolutely amazing.

I am going to include the links to makeup revolution products that I absolutely love to use. But that’s it from me with this blog I don’t even really know what you can call it a review I did just want to fill you all in on some really amazing products.

Until next time,

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